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L Ron Hubbard the founder of Dianetics and later on even Scientology in short named Lron or refered to as LRH. To begin with i thought it was LHR.

LRH Scientology Emeter Dianetics Clear intestine on the bridge

LRH Scientology and on the bridge

LRH Scientology and on the bridge

Scientology and the Uberperspective – To have a subconscious common in straight directing director – to take sub orders from

LRH Scientology

Lafayette Ron Hubbard, even named La Fayette Ron Hubbard, Lron or LRH. Many faces and facettes on the frozen water – the snow and ice.

LRH Scientology

But to beging with it started in

LRH Scientology

with some inspiration to the young LRH

LRH Scientology

Helping other to satisfy his need to be grandios & off cause then – The great imitator in beeing the giving master, donating know how to a starving population, just because they really need it.

Yes this is LRH from another angle than Scientology standard. Very needed since Scientology and scientologists since long have been attacking any who have the guts to be critical to the Chur of Scientology as the company like to label itself.

Church of Scientology tried to Destroy

Church of Scientology tried to Destroy Paulette Cooper, in this nice book by Tony Ortega: The Unbreakable miss Lovely we can read the top story and what happened to the author of the Scandal of Scientology and what happened to her after the book was publicized, the life before and after.

Scientology know to attack its critics, and yes Paulette Cooper was really heavily framed and this was also what seems to be the constructional intent – To Destroy her. To harm her, her friends relation to her. And so on. A majestic read about the Scientology church cult that

Church of Scientology l-ron-hubbard_pic2

By L Ron Hubbard in short LHR the founder of Scientology and Dianetics


Edit corrected title from LHR to LRH and added the Scientology FBI files


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