Scientology Tax-free dancing David Miscavige

Tax free spiritism, with terrorism?

David Miscavige the leader to the Scientology church military organization here dancing with the IRS after they had given the church of Scientology tax reliefs as a religious organization. The organization that loves to label itself as a religion due to battle tactical reasons on the battlefield earth – that little thing that the military want to rule
Scientology David Miscavige does not pay tax

David Miscavige with IRS & his assistant and some tax free joy. Above the great leader with his assistant Larisse “Lou” who helps when his wife Shelley Miscavige is in the more secret twin peaks base near lake arrowhead.

Scientology is famous for not paying to society or the roads we all use, since Scientology successfully has claimed that they are a religion. And a military organization with military codecs as well as navy uniform does not like to loose any battle. The military organization is the major wining concept and the labeling as a religion is the trojan horse by L Ron Hubbard and Scientology into our society. Not all churches distribute censor software to the members computer, btw.

Most of the real religions receive  critics and heavy critics each and every day, Scientology have been proved to try to destroy the life of those who just speak the truth about Scientology and its founder L Ron Hubbard, or for that matter the new leader today David Miscavige.

Critics may risk to lower the cults income and that makes the Scientology cult angry, but not only angry but also dangerous. Setting up different traps to journalist who just dares to tell and show reality as it is.

scientology does not pay tax

Scientology does not contribute by paying taxes – but as Paulette Cooper showed early on

Scandal of Scientology

Point in cot com – Tunnel Sight


tom cruise scientology

Tom Cruise know it

That’s one of the thing that made Scientology a celebrity, although maybe not at the way the wanted it. Tom Cruise and other celebrity’s might be a major reason that Scientology survived with it’s very dark history. The founder L Ron Hubbard did already in the beginning realize that with celebrities other people tends to come and Jesus was not the only one, he secretly told the choose one that he have been Buddha, without knowing that Sidharta Guatama said that he would not do any such a comeback and reincarnate.

LronHubbard Scientology Reincarnation

Religious Tourism & Traveling around the secret Scientology bases as well as headquarters Int base or Gold base could be the one thing for you?


Celebrity is in fact one of the name Scientology found so valuable that they choose to register Celebrity as



Hubbards reincarnation place

Hubbard’s (supposed) reincarnation place

   shell fish scientology super ego

Shell Codes of echo in the coding dingbats

Hubbard liked very much to revrite the semantics as he became more and more selfish he was introducing the idea of what emanated from clam and the clambake as he said pearl and was handling the sandpaper claiming that all this was of important personal assembler, that was really the truth since Hubbard thought much about L Ron Hubbard and had as severely reactive mind, that stands out very clear.


Shell Fish L Ron Hubbard

Shell code in decoding